O`B Muay Thai gym adheres to the grading syllabus laid down by the Scottish Thai Boxing Association. Students who are properly prepared can sit a grading exam every 12 weeks. Students must demonstrate a competent standard of Muay Thai according to each grading. Certain techniques and fitness levels must be attained to gain each grade, starting from beginner level (white) up to Instructor level (red grade). A grading syllabus is provided for each student to adhere to.

All students that pass are awarded a certificate and an armband to show the level that they have attained. Students who cannot display a competent level will fail. Unlike some martial arts it is not mandatory for students to grade.

The first few 4 can be taken at 3 month intervals, with the waiting periods rising to 6, 9 & 12 months in between grades as the level gets higher, this is due to the amount of skill and training needed to reach the required standards.

Through the use of a grading syllabus we are able to analyse how well a student's performance is progressing and then teach and advise on areas to be improved upon if needed.

Junior Grades Adult Grades
White Red White
Yellow Red, White and Yellow
Green Red, White, Yellow and Green
Blue Red and Silver
Blue and White Red and Gold
Brown and White
Brown, White and Yellow
Brown, White, Yellow and Green